Regenerating Custom Reports in ASM
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Regenerating Custom Reports in ASM


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


I need to regenerate a daily/weekly/monthly report in ASM. How can I do that?


Release: APMCMB99000-8.7-App Synthetic Monitor-Basic Option


To generate a new daily/monthly/weekly report with updated data from the ASM database, do the following:

1) In ASM click on the Reports & Alerts Menu.

2) Click Custom Reports

3) On the drop down menu to the right of the report you want to regenerate, click Preview CustomĀ 

4) Select the desired date period

5) A popup window will appear, and at its conclusion automatically download a new pdf report file (you may need to OK the window/the download).

6) The new pdf report will be generated from the latest data available in the ASM database for that time period.