Using the ThreatPulse Cloud service prevents me from watching local streaming content in my own country.


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Web Security Service - WSS


Some streaming video content can only be watched by residents inside the country where the video was produced.

Content providers base your physical location on your geo-located IP address.

This may cause an issue if you are routing through the Cloud service and you do not have a Datapod in your own country.


If you are in a country where there are no Datapods currently deployed, your physical location will appear to be outside of your own country. This is based on the geo-located IP address of the Datapod you are currently connected to.

This means the content-providers will believe you are trying to watch content from a location which is not allowed, and will therefore be blocked.


Example 1:

> You live in the UK.

> You have configured your traffic to route via the Datapod in Germany.

> You want to watch BBC iPlayer


> You will be blocked by the BBC iPlayer service as your connection appears to have come from outside of the UK


Route your traffic via the London Datapod instead.


Example 2:

> You live in Italy

> You have configured your traffic to route via the Datapod in London

> You want to watch live video steaming on


> You will be blocked by as you appear to be a UK user.


Create policy to bypass the cloud service for


The ThreatPulse Cloud service is constantly growing and as such, new Datapods are being deployed in additional countries.