Use policy to block users' access to URL categories


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


To block users' access to certain URL categories, you must create policy to block requests for the categories that are restricted on your network.

These high-level steps provide instructions on creating policy in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM). For a basic introduction to creating policy, see the training video:

Basic ProxySG Policy Management



To create policy to block specific URL categories:

  1. Launch the Visual Policy Manager.
  2. Create a Web Access layer (Policy > Add Web Access Layer ).
  3. Select the URL categories to be blocked:
    • Right-click in the Destination column and choose Set.
    • Select New > Request URL Category.
    • Select the categories to block.
    • Close the dialogs.
  4. Deny the users access to these categories:
    • Right-click in the Action column and choose Deny (Content Filter).  This option denies the user access and explains that the request was denied because it belongs to a blocked category.
  5. Install the policy.