Uploaded Access log file does not match configured remote-size


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When configuring the ProxySG to upload access logs in text format, and setting the remote-size to a very small value, the size of the uploaded files may not match the configured remote-size.


Access logs are stored on the ProxySG in gzip format.  If the upload-type is configured for text, the SG must first decompress the file before uploading to the remote server.  The smallest amount of access log data that the SG will upload at a time is 72KB of gzipped data.  Depending on the amount of compression (based on the amount of redundant patterns in the text) the size of the uploaded files can vary greatly.  With normal web traffic, there is usually enough variation between domain names, URL paths, and user agents that the remote file size will be close to the configured size.  If the access log lines are all similar to each other, for example because of traffic from a load generator, the remote file sizes may be much larger than the configured remote-size.