Users use Google Translation to circumvent web filtering policy restricting access to YouTube


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In an explicit deployment, YouTube access is restricted for all users by blocking  “” (contains or exact match) with no SSL interception.
Users trying to access from browsers are blocked; however, users can access the YouTube videos using the Google Translate website.

If a user enters the following URL in Google Translate:

Google Translate translates the URL to the selected language. As an example, if Spanish is selected, Google Translate generates:

If the user clicks the new link, the browser loads intended YouTube clip.


When users access through Google Translate, the client machine does not make requests to Instead, it gets the video content directly from

Block in your policies to prevent users from accessing YouTube videos from Google translate website.
Alternatively, you can block URL category Audio/Video Clips instead of just (this is not applicable if the users are allowed to any Audio/Video Clips categories).