Use policy to require user authentication before Web access


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If you would like to require users to supply login credentials before accessing the Web, you can create policy to configure access privileges using authentication.

This solution assumes you have already configured users and groups for authentication (using RADIUS, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, or other authentication servers) and created a realm on the ProxySG to connect to these servers.

These high-level steps provide instructions on creating policy in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM). For a basic introduction to creating policy, see the training video:

Basic ProxySG Policy Management



To create Web authentication policy:

  1. Launch the Visual Policy Manager.
  2. Create a Web Authentication layer (Policy > Add Web Authentication Layer ).
  3. Select the authentication realm:
    • Right-click in the Action column and choose Set.
    • Select New > Authenticate.
    • Select the authentication mode and realm. (See ProxySG Authentication Modes.)
    • Close the dialogs.
  4. (Optional) According to your company's goals, define appropriate rules for restricting content to all users, groups of users, or specific users. For example, you can deny access to certain URL categories or file extensions (such as .exe files). These rules are configured in a Web Access layer (Policy > Add Web Access Layer). 
  5. Install the policy.
  6. (Optional) To track user activity, configure access logs to include usernames and/or groups.