Not receiving EPA Agent metrics related to Web Agent in APM Manager
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Not receiving EPA Agent metrics related to Web Agent in APM Manager


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We have installed the CA EPA Agent to collect metrics from Web Agent on Apache. The EPA Agent starts correctly and send information to the APM Manager server, but there we cannot see any metric related to the Web Agent. We see the following messages in the Web Agent trace:

[11/16/2017][18:44:09][31601][1333704448][CSmIntroscopePlugin.cpp:416][CSmIntroscopePlugin::EndRequest][0000000000000000000000007ac1340a-7b71-5a0dce68-4f7eb700-7e1379687e25][*][][freu_itz_agent][/hts][UE023500][Request metrics sent to Introscope Server.]
[11/16/2017][18:44:09][31601][1333704448][CSmIntroscopePlugin.cpp:455][CSmIntroscopePlugin::EndRequest][0000000000000000000000007ac1340a-7b71-5a0dce68-4f7eb700-7e1379687e25][*][][freu_itz_agent][/hts][UE023500]['x-wily-guid' header not created; Trace data not reported to Introscope Server.]

How we can see the metrics in APM Manager?



Web Agent R12.52 SP1 on RHEL5 (Apache 2.2)EPAgent 10.5.2


You need to modify the IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml file present in the Web Agent installation changing the default value epagent_threshold-in-millis from 5000 to 1 (ms), as traces will not be generated unless the requests exceed the configured epagent_threshold-in-millis value. This is a threshold to avoid irrelevant or too many data, and may need to be adjusted. You can check more on this at the following location:

The IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml file is found under webagent/config/ folder, and it should look like:

<introscope-capi-def-reference name="SiteMinder" definition-file="/root/CA/webagent/config/SiteMinderPSdefs.xml"/>
<introscope-capi-def-reference name="epagent_host" value="localhost"/>
<introscope-capi-def-reference name="epagent_httpServerPort" value="8096"/>
<introscope-capi-def-reference name="epagent_networkDataPort" value="9060"/>
<introscope-capi-def-reference name="epagent_threshold-in-millis" value="1"/>