Use policy to restrict access to URL categories during business hours


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Your company wants to block access to certain URL categories during core business hours, but allow access at other times.

These high-level steps provide instructions on creating policy in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM). For a basic introduction to creating policy, see the training video:

Basic ProxySG Policy Management


To create policy that restricts category access during business hours:

  1. Launch the Visual Policy Manager.
  2. Create a Web Access layer (Policy > Add Web Access Layer ).
  3. Select the URL categories to be blocked:
    • Right-click in the Destination column and choose Set.
    • Select New > Request URL Category.
    • Select the categories to block.
    • Close the dialogs.
  4. Set the time to block access to the specified categories:
    • Right-click in the Time column and choose Set.
    • Select New > Time.
    • Select Enable for Only between the following times of day, and specify the beginning and ending times to block access to the specified categories (for example, 8:00 to 11:59).
    • Select Enable for Only on the following days of the week, and select the days to block access (for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).
    • Click OK.
    • If necessary, repeat these steps to specify another time interval (such as 13:00 to 17:59).
  5. Combine the two time intervals into a single rule:
    • Select New > Combined Time Object.
    • Select Time1 and click Add.
    • Select Time2 and click Add.
    • Close the dialogs.
  6. Deny the users access to these categories:
    • Right-click in the Action column and choose Deny or  Deny (Content Filter).  Both of these options deny the user access, but the latter option explains that the request was denied because it belongs to a blocked category.
  7. Install the policy.