Unable to investigate a user's activity because Reporter data is missing


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Unable to investigate a user's activity because Reporter data is missing
It appears that some of the data is missing when reviewing the data from within Reporter


You can still investigate a user's activity when partial data is missing . Reporter will show details of page view and hit. An HTTP 302 response for example, has no value.  The user effectively never made it to that site. The user made the request and the user was sent elsewhere. One common example is www.yahoo.com. If you request http://www.yahoo.com, you will be redirected to http://www.yahoo.com/ every time. Using Reporters Page View Combiner (PVC) you can attribute this to just one web site. The PVC combines multiple HTTP requests that are associated with a single Web page into a single log line.

The goals of the PVC are to:

  • Reduce the number of database entries from the original log file, which improves report generation performance.
  • More closely represent user browsing activity reports, as each object (requested by the first page from content servers) is not counted as a separate entry.