Silently uninstall Unified Agent


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 With UA Client v4.4 (or later), You need to know how to SILENTLY uninstall the UA Client.


This Uninstall command is for: 

  • UA Client v4.4 (or later)
  • 64-bit version of UA Client (on Windows 7+ OS)  *Please note:  Unified Agent will no longer be supported with Windows 7 at the end of life January 14, 2019.


Obtain the GUID for Unified Agent current version

  1. Open CMD as administrator
  2. Run the following command
C:\>wmic product get | findstr "Unified Agent" > InstalledPrograms.txt
  1. The file InstalledPrograms.txt should be saved under the folder location the command was run from. In this case, it is the C:\ drive.
  2. The output of the this file is:
Unified Agent {58660032-15F8-4B48-848F-63D31541305C}20190402 C:\Program Files\Blue Coat Systems\Unified Agent\ 5 1033
C:\Windows\Installer\693b051a.msi  Unified Agent C:\Windows\Installer\693b051a.msi{19D95A3E-D7A2-4213-BE8A-D4F08D43FB47}
UnifiedAgentInstaller64- Blue Coat Systems  

Command line to uninstall UA without a token:

MsiExec.exe /X {19D95A3E-D7A2-4213-BE8A-D4F08D43FB47} /quiet

Command line to uninstall UA with uninstall TOKEN: 

MsiExec.exe /X {19D95A3E-D7A2-4213-BE8A-D4F08D43FB47} /quiet UNINSTALL_TOKEN=password