There is an ICAP communication error


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There is an ICAP communication error
Error:  Cannot establish connection to service
The ProxySG cannot communicate with the ProxyAV


Troubleshooting ICAP Communication Errors

An icap_communication_error means a network error occurred while the ProxySG was attempting to communicate with the ProxyAV. Please perform the following items to diagnose the issue:

  • Examine the ProxySG event log messages. If the ProxySG is not able to establish a connection with ProxyAV, it logs the following message: Cannot establish connection to service.
  • Examine the ProxyAV Alertlogfile.log for the failure reasons. All file-scanning failures, such as timeout, file too big, and decompression errors, are logged here.
  • Take a packet capture on the ProxySG while reproducing the error. This will help to isolate whether this is a TCP connectivity issue or a scan error.

IMPORTANT: When you open Alertlogfile.log using the option View log file in browser, the complete file might not be displayed, as the file is usually is too big to be displayed on the browser. Use a text editor to open the log file directly to see all the error messages. The latest error messages are logged at the bottom of the file.

For help configuring your settings, please refer to the ProxyAV documentation found at .