The root block address 0 on disk x is invalid (ProxySG event log error message)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The following messages show up in an event log on a ProxySG:

User initiated re-initialization of disk in slot x
Disk in slot x reinitialization successfully started
Disk y has been chosen as the master.
The root block address 0 on disk x is invalid.
Object store on disk x has been initialized with 7795548 8K blocks.

What do these messages mean?


The messages in the event log regarding "root block address 0 on disk x is invalid" (where x equals a disk number) are a direct result of the user initiating re-initialization of disk x.  In other words, executing the command "disk reinitialize x" from the command line interface (CLI) will generate the message that the root block address on that disk is invalid.  This is normal and expected message for a disk that is being reinitialized.