The ProxySG VPM browser for IWA NTLM realm cannot see the foreign domain because it is in a two-way (2 way) trust domain with parent and child domains.


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In this scenario, BCAAA  is configured to access child domain, Domain C, which has a parent Domain A. Domain A has a two-way trust relationship with foreign Domain B. Logically you would think that BCAAA in Domain C would be able to see Domain B because the parent (Domain A) trusts Domain B. However, the ProxySG VPM browser cannot see Domain B.



As a workaround, you must set up the child domain (Domain C) to have a two-way trust relationship with Domain B. This will allow BCAAA to access Domain B, enabling the VPM browser to work for Domain B.

To do this, you must run the Active Directory Domains and Trusts Utility from Windows Tools and set up the two-way trust relationship on both Domain C and Domain B.