CAPKI uninstall tool does not work
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CAPKI uninstall tool does not work


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In my server I have a CAPKI installation, and due to some issues with another CA product installed in the same box, I would like to remove it and install the one coming with the SDK. But when I go to the current CAPKI folder, and use the uninstall program, nothing happens. I run the program as follows:

uninstaller remove caller=<the_other_product_caller_ID> Verbose

But the uninstaller does not return anything, and CAPKI is not removed.

How we can remove it? Why it is not doing anything?



SDK R12.52 SP1


The uninstaller tool works in silent mode, so when you run it, it will not return anything on screen or in CLI, however it is generating a capki_install.log file in your /tmp, if you run Linux, or %TEMP% if you run Windows. The uninstallation is failing as the tool is case sensitive, so you should run:

uninstaller remove caller=<the_other_product_caller_ID> verbose

If you would check the capki_install.log you would see:

Unexpected command-line parameter: Verbose
Usage: uninstaller.exe <remove> caller=<CallerID> [options...]
where: CallerID is the parent application that is installing CAPKI, CallerID only accepts alpha-numeric values
       instdir=path   to set installation directory path (absolute)
       verbose        to enable output of diagnoses messages
Remove unsuccessful, return value is 3