The web browser is caught in a patience page loop


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The web browser is caught in a patience page loop
The patience page continues to come up, but nothing ever happens.


The web server's administrator should be contacted and a request should be made about changing the HTTP return code.  Please see the background information below for further details on why this problem occurs.  If the web server administrator is not able or willing to make the change, you can make the following local policy change to work around the problem:

Go to the Management Console > Configuration tab > Policy > Policy Files > "Install Local File from:  Text Editor (Install)"

<proxy> patience_page(no)


A patience page loop can occur if the object being served has a "proxy-revalidate" header AND the origin content server (OCS) returns an HTTP 200 response to the proxy's revalidation request. Since the OCS is returning an HTTP "200 OK" instead of an HTTP "304 Not Modified", after the object has been fully retrieved by the proxy and the patience page completes, the final request for the object from the client containing the "proxy-revalidate" header will cause the proxy to attempt to revalidate the request again. This behavior can be verified via a packet capture.