The pass-through card / hardware bridge on a ProxySG


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The pass-through card / hardware bridge on a ProxySG
How does the pass-through card work on a ProxySG?
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A pass-through adapter is a 10/100 dual interface Ethernet adapter designed by Blue Coat to provide an efficient fault-tolerant bridging solution. If this adapter is installed on a ProxySG, SGOS detects the adapter upon system bootup and automatically creates a bridge—the two Ethernet interfaces serve as the bridge ports. If the ProxySG is powered down or loses power for any reason, the bridge fails open; that is, Web traffic passes from one Ethernet interface to the other. Therefore, Web traffic is uninterrupted, but does not route through the appliance.

Once power is restored to the ProxySG, the bridge opens and Web traffic is routed to the appliance and thus is subject to that appliance’s configured features, defined policies, and content scanning redirection instructions.