Test URL in content filtering is return “none”


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Content Filtering test URL returns “none” along with category listing when done for BCWF

Eg. When ”www.google.com” is tested by using the category “Test” button, the output is returned as below

Search Engines/Portals

BCWF gives back 3 matching for each test url. They are as given below

  • Matching Url Category
  • Matching Web Application
  • Matching Url Operation

The examples below provide a better idea on the responses

Test 1 – www.youtube.com

Open/Mixed Content; Audio/Video Clips                       <---------- Matched Url Category
YouTube                                                                   <---------- Matched Url Application
none                                                                        <---------- No Url operation matched

Test 2 – www.linkedin.com

Business/Economy; Social Networking                          <---------- Matched Url Category
Linkedin                                                                  <---------- Matched Url Application
none                                                                       <---------- No Url operation matched

Test 3 - www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1

Social Networking                                                  <---------- Matched Url Category
Facebook                                                             <---------- Matched Url Application
Login                                                                   <---------- Matched Url Operation

Test 4 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAVuKPFKrNo

Open/Mixed Content; Audio/Video Clips                  <---------- Matched Url Category
YouTube                                                              <---------- Matched Url Application
Play Video                                                            <---------- Matched Url Operation