The Central Policy file for the ProxySG


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The Central Policy file for the ProxySG
What is the Central Policy File for the ProxySG?
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The Central policy file contains global settings to improve performance and behavior and filters for important and emerging viruses (such as Code Red and Nimda).

For users with a single ProxySG appliance, this file is where you can manually define policy statements; an alternative to Local policy. If you have multiple appliances, Central policy is a way for you to manage common policy among several appliances in your network and generate a CPL file, hosted on a server, that’s accessible to all appliances.

If you define Central policy file as a webserver in your network, you can obtain updates automatically or you can request email notification. To configure how updates are handled, do the following in the Management Console:

  1. Go to Configuration>Policy>Policy Files
    • Select Automatically install new Policy when central file changes, or
    • Select Send me email when central file changes.

You can check for updated policy files using the following CLI command:
SGOS#(config)policy poll-now

A use case for Central policy file would be a self service portal for specific users. For example, a web-based tool could be developed to allow certain users to add URLs to whitelists or blacklists.