The 9.258 volume (hard disk or data disk) size on PacketShaper is showing "0" as disk size.


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The PacketShaper 9.258 volume is showing "0" size.


Note: In PacketWise 8.6 and above, the 9.258 drive is called the data disk.


This indicates the file system on the hard/data disk is corrupted and PacketShaper is not able to access the 9.258 volume.

To recover the file system on the hard/data disk, perform the following:

1. Access the CLI of PacketShaper by console, SSH, or telnet.

2. Issue the command sys clean hard to format the hard/data disk; PacketShaper will reboot during this process.

3. After PacketShaper reboots, log in to the Legacy UI and go to the File Browser (Info tab > file browser button). The 9.258 volume should show an accurate total size.

If performing the above procedure does not recover the disk, contact Blue Coat Support.