SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on ProxySG 600 models


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Blue Coat is updating hard disk drives (HDD) for all models of the Proxy SG600 appliance.
New 500GB HDDs will replace existing 250GB drives that are no longer manufactured.

The 500GB HDDs are fully supported and functionally equivalent to the previously used 250GB drives.
Blue Coat has thoroughly tested and approved the use of these HDDs for all Proxy SG600 models.

SG600s built with 500GB HDDs will commence shipping imminently.
Blue Coat will provide like-for-like RMAs for 3 months from the date of this announcement.
This will result in mixing drives of different sizes in a single appliance.
Blue Coat will not retroactively be replacing existing HDDs.

NOTE: Updated SGOS code is required to properly recognize the 500GB drives.
A SG600 MUST be running one of the supported SGOS versions BEFORE inserting a RMA HDD.

A Proxy SG600 with a 500GB HDD that is NOT running one of the supported SGOS versions, will display "unsupported configuration" in the SYSINFO:
    Version Information
    URL_Path /SYSINFO/Version
    Version: SGOS
    Hardware Information
    URL_Path /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info
    Hardware Information
    Model: 600-35 (unsupported configuration)
    RAM: 4096 MB
        DIMM 1: 2048 MB SDRAM DDR2
        DIMM 2: 2048 MB SDRAM DDR2
    Number of physical CPUs: 1
    Number of cores: 1
    CPU frequency: 1795 MHz
    Storage: 2 drives (expecting 2 drives, where the drive sizes are between 200 GB - 300 GB)
        Disk in slot 1: 250 GB SEAGATE ST9250410AS, rev:0002SDM1 serial:5VG9C5XD status:present

        Disk in slot 2: 500 GB TOSHIBA MQ01ACF050, rev:AV001A serial:Y3EFC01FT status:present

SYSINFO is the ONLY location that "unsupported configuration" will be displayed.
The Management Console will NOT show any health warning.

Affected Systems:

Replacement 500GB HDD ModelsExisting 250GB HDD Models
Toshiba MQ01ACF050
  Seagate ST9250315AS
Seagate ST250LT007
Toshiba MK5061GSYB  Seagate ST9250410AS
 Toshiba MK2561GSYN



Updated SGOS code is required to properly recognize the 500GB drives.
Please upgrade to one of the following supported SGOS versions to correct the "unsupported configuration" message in the SYSINFO:

Minimum SGOS versions that support the new 500GB HDDs:

The following flyer is included in each SG600 system that has a 500GB HDD: