SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on select ProxySG appliance models after mixing 500GB and 1TB HDDs


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Mobility Threat Protection SG-9000 SG-900 ProxySG Software - SGOS


Blue Coat is updating hard disk drives (HDD) for select ProxySG models to include 1TB drives.
The new 1TB HDDs will replace existing 500GB drives that will no longer be manufactured.

The 1TB HDDs are fully supported and functionally equivalent to the previously used 500GB drives.
Blue Coat has thoroughly tested and approved the use of these HDDs for select ProxySG models.

Blue Coat will provide like-for-like RMAs for 3 months from the date of this announcement.

NOTE: This change will result in mixing 500GB and 1TB HDDs in a single device.

A ProxySG with a 1TB HDD(s) that is NOT running one of the supported SGOS versions, will display "unsupported configuration" in the SYSINFO: 

Version Information
URL_Path /SYSINFO/Version
Version: SGOS

Hardware Information
URL_Path /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info
Hardware Information

Model: 9000-10 (unsupported configuration)
RAM: 8192 MB

Number of physical CPUs: 1
Number of cores: 2
CPU frequency: 2599 MHz
Storage: 8 drives (expecting 8 drives, where the drive sizes are between 450 GB - 550 GB)
Disk in slot 1: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97YSW status:present
Disk in slot 2: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97Y6L status:present
Disk in slot 3: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97Y6P status:present
Disk in slot 4: 1000 GB SEAGATE  ST1000NM0023    , rev:0003 serial:Z1W00FH2 status:present (unsupported)
Disk in slot 5: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:3QM011R6 status:present
Disk in slot 6: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:3QM0146V status:present
Disk in slot 7: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QMCNM0K status:present
Disk in slot 8: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QMCMATX status:present

NOTE: SYSINFO is the ONLY location that "unsupported configuration" will be displayed.
The Management Console will NOT show any health warning.

NOTE: A ProxySG with a 1TB HDD(s) that shows "unsupported configuration" in the SYSINFO will function normally.

Affected Systems:

Existing 500GB HDD ModelsReplacement 1TB HDD Models
Seagate ST500NM0001Toshiba MG03SCA100
Seagate ST3500414SSToshiba MK1001TRKB
 Seagate ST1000NM0001
 Seagate ST31000424SS


SG9000-5, -10, -20
Existing 500GB HDD ModelsReplacement 1 TB HDD Models
Seagate ST500NM0001Toshiba MG03SCA100
Seagate ST3500414SSToshiba MK1001TRKB
Seagate ST3500620SSSeagate ST1000NM0001
 Seagate ST31000424SS
 Seagate ST31000640SS



To resolve the "unsupported configuration" message in the SYSINFO, upgrade to one of the following supported SGOS version to allow the 1TB drives to be recognized correctly:

  • SGOS
  • SGOS
  • SGOS
  • SGOS
  • SGOS

For more information please see Notice of Status Change - Updated Hard Disk Drives for select models of the SG900 and SG9000:

NOTE: SGOS 6.3 is End-Of-Life (EOL).
For more information about End-of-Sale (EOS) and EOL products, see