Sometimes policy rules/objects are not deleted after deletion attempts.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Sometimes deleted VPM policy rules or policy objects redisplay after installing policy.


This is rare and usuall because of registry/disk corruption. The solution is to reset the policy from CLI after saving the copy of existing policy and then install the saved policy back again. The detailed steps are given below.

 Note: Before performing these steps, Blue Coat recommends saving a copy of the latest sysinfo. 

1. Save the copy of existing policy:

     a. Configuration tab > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files.

     b. In Install VPM-XML from area select Text Editor and click Install. A dialog displays.

     c. Click anywhere inside this editor such that your cursor is now active in the edit box.  Perform a <Ctrl-A> to select all text. Copy (<Ctrl-C>) this text into a text editor which supports Unicode characters, such as EditPro or Notepad++.


2. In the ProxySG appliance CLI, invoke the policy reset command, which deletes the existing policy configurations:

     Enable Password: password
     proxysg#config t
     Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
     proxysg#(config)policy reset

3. Re-install the saved policy:

    a. Repeat steps 1a to 1b from above.

    b. Paste the policy from the text editor

    c. Go to Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch.  The Visual Policy Manager (VPM) launches. 

    d. Click Install. Your previous policy configurations are back now.

    d. Delete the specific policy rules or objects which were not previously deleting. Verify the deletions.