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Is it possible to set Maintenance Windows retroactively to discount old error messages?


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


At some point a web application that is being monitored was put into maintenance, but ASM was not updated in time to reflect this. There are now a lot of error messages in ASM that I would like skipped or marked as "in maintenance".  Is there a way to set maintenance windows retroactively, so that past errors do not count against SLO?


Current supported ASM release


It is not possible for end users to set maintenance windows retroactively through the UI. Please contact CA Support, and supply the following information:

1. That retroactive maintenance is needed

2. The email address of your primary/master account

3. The name of the monitor(s)

4. The data and time windows (eg Jan 1 2017 from 10 AM to 12 PM EST) for all retroactive maintenance.


CA Support will then make changes to the ASM backend database to retroactively set the monitors to be in maintenance during those periods.