ProxySG won't boot. Message "In MP mode; two processors active" repeated on the console.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


ProxySG won't fully boot up.

When connecting to the console, the message "In MP mode; two processors active" shows repeatedly, but the boot process never completes.


This problem can occur for many reasons, among them:

  • Unseated or not firmly seated NICs or SSL cards
  • Unseated or not firmly seated memory
  • Disk drives not firmly seated
  • Bad memory or bad disk drive
  • Missing memory or disk drive


  • Verify that all of the hardware is present.
  • Reseat all NICs, SSL cards, and memory. Make sure that the disk drives are also firmly in place.
  • If the problem continues, try removing a disk drive (one at a time) and see if the unit boots.
  • Try removing the SSL card.
  • Try removing a memory stick. Rotate through them all.
  • If the problem persists after all of the above, RMA for the unit is in order.
  • It is always good practice to have an expanded Archive Configuration so that if RMA needs to be done that a configuration will be ready to restore.