Setting up and implement a forwarding group on the ProxySG


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Setting up and implement a forwarding group on the ProxySG
Configuring a forwarding group
You want to know how to set up and implement a forwarding group


To create a forwarding group through the CLI, create a host that you want in the group and assign it to the group. If this is the first mention of the group then that group is automatically created and the host assigned as its first member:

SGOS#(config) forwarding
SGOS#(config forwarding) create host_alias host_name group=group_name

To assign an existing host to a group, use the following CLI command:

SGOS#(config forwarding host_alias) group group_name

You can create a maximum of 32 groups, and each group can contain a maximum of 512 hosts. This is a code limitation.

In practice, more than 500 forwarding hosts may impact the performance of the ProxySG. See TECH247222.

For more information about implementing forwarding groups, please refer to the Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) for the version of SGOS that you are running.