Are there any z/OS SMF functionalities in the Common Services product?


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I would like to know if there are any z/OS SMF functionalities in the Common Services product.


Are there is any z/OS SMF functionalities in the Common Services product?


CA COMMON SERVICES 14.1 - z/OS Supported Releases -


YES, you will find information about z/OS SMF and Common Services 14.1 in the documentation about: 

Report Licensed Registered Product Usage:

Product usage is tracked for LMP key licensed or maximum concurrent seat license usage CA products.
CA products that employ product usage monitoring, invoke a CA common service at strategic points in time
to record usage. The CA product usage common service uses the IBM z/OS Product Registration component
to perform the tracking, recording and reporting. The registered product information is stored as
z/OS SMF (System Management Facility) type 89 subtype 2 records. z/OS generates these particular SMF record
types on an SMF interval basis as defined by the installation.

The SMF type 89 records are collected over the required reporting period. A registered software usage report
can be produced from the SMF type 89 records. The usage report is generated using the IBM z/OS product usage
report utility program, IFAURP. IFAURP supports specification of software vendor which allows reporting of
CA products only.

The url is the following:


Use the IBM standard utility program IFAURP: 

Use the IBM standard utility program IFAURP to produce a report to validate the maximum number of concurrent
users of a CA product. IFAURP uses the SMF type 89 records that the z/OS Product Registration component produces.
Verify that SMF type 89 records are being recorded on each z/OS system that IFAURP lists in the Software Product
Registration Report. For information regarding the use of IFAURP, see the IBM publication titled z/OS MVS Product

Specification of which SMF records to record is made in the logical PARMLIB SMFPRMxx member. The IFAURP report
utility requires the SMF type 89, subtype 2 records as input. Select SMF type 89 in the SMFPRMxx member, or
minimally, select the SMF type 89, subtype 2 records. For information describing recording of SMF type 89 records,
see the IBM publication titled z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF).

The url is the following:


Installation of z/OS Interfaces:
CAIRIM eliminates the need for user SVCs, LPA modifications, SMF exits, or additions to your subsystem table.
It installs the interfaces to z/OS that CA products and common components require.

For the products that require SMF information, the CAI SMF Interceptor (CAISMFI) dynamically processes
the SMF data independent of any SMF exits or SMF control settings.

Note: To add support for SMF enhancements that were delivered with z/OS 2.3, apply PTF RO95015.

The url is the following:


CAIRIM Verification Utilities:

CAISMFU Utility: 
The Interceptor Utility, CAISMFU, displays the status of the SMF exits installed by CAIRIM. The display includes the product that is associated with the SMF module, the version of the module, the name of the module, the purpose of the module, and the status of the module.

The url is the following:

Additional Information

You can check CA Common Services 14.1 information at the url: