Removing demo license key from PacketShaper


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PacketShaper has a demo license key installed; a permanent license key cannot be installed until the demo key is removed.


If you have received your permanent keys for PacketShaper, you will need to remove any demo keys.

These commands must be executed using the PacketShaper's command-line interface. You can access the CLI either via a Telnet session or by connecting to the unit's CONSOLE port. For details, see "Access the Command-Line Interface" in PacketGuide. (

At the PacketShaper command-line prompt, execute the setup keys show command:

setup keys show

This command lists the keys installed on your PacketShaper. Look for the demo key. If you have demo key installed then you need to get the 'key_code' you received while you received the 'demo' keys. Then issue the following command to remove the key:

usage: setup keys remove demo <key_code>

'key-code' is the 'key-code' you received when you received the 'demo key'. If you still have problem, please call Blue Coat Support.