Receive Error "Warning:Unknown Categories" after Blue Coat WebFilter Category Name Changes


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*Note: We will use category "Pay to Surf" as an example throughout this article.

- Receiving error "Warning:Unknown Categories" after Blue Coat WebFilter Category Name Changes on November 12, 2013.

- Have tried to remove the unknown category in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM) but there is still an error.

- Example of warning message when you try to 'Install Policy' in the VPM:

<< Warning: Unknown Categories

The following content filter category names are not recognized:

"Pay to Surf"

Please ensure that you have downloaded an up-to-date content filter database, as category names and definitions may have been changed by your filter vendor. Other configuration changes may also have caused these names to become invalid.

You may retain these category names in this object, but no URLs will match them. If you wish to remove the names from the object, press "Remove" below. Otherwise press "Keep" to proceed to edit the object......



Looks like the Request URL Category Objects of "Pay to Surf" still being referred  in ProxySG.

You may remove the "Pay to Surf" unknow category in Management GUI:
Policy > Visual Policy Manager > View > All Objects > Show: Request URL Category Objects > Find "Pay to Surf", Click Remove

Please refer to our Technical Alerts 000007648 if you need to know more details about Blue Coat URL Category Updates/Changes