ProxySG stops responding due to failed disk drive.


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


A ProxySG has stopped responding to user traffic and management access. 

A ProxySG is inaccessible and a failed disk drive might be the cause.


There are many possible causes for the ProxySG to stop responding such as software/hardware defects, network connectivity issues, et c; however, a fault disk can be a likely culprit.

The following points can be helpful for further troubleshooting:

  • The best way to determine this is to physically access the unit and view the front·panel LED's
  • If one or more of the disk LED's are illuminated in red (on a multiple disk system), further troubleshoot by removing such disk(s)
  • Sometimes simply reseating the disk drive will restore the device to normal functionality (if not, it is likely the disk is faulty)
  • If reseating the disk successfully restores the unit, check for errors associated with this disk in the event log (https://<proxy.ip.address>:8082/eventlog/statistics) and follow the steps in the KB at the following link to reinitialize the disk as a possible solution: Reinitializing drives on a multi·disk ProxySG
  • If reseating does not restore the disk, try swapping the disk with a "known good" disk from another slot (if the same LED stays red, it is possible the slot is faulty)
  • If one of the bad disks is in slot 1, swap it with one of the "known good" disks from another slot (example: remove disk 1 and disk 2, place disk 2 in slot 1)

Often times following the steps above will restore the device to normal operating functionality but if the end result is that a disk or slot is completely inoperable, please contact Support for further assistance and possible RMA for replacement.