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Error Trying to Generate a CSR using DXCERTGEN (Linux/UNIX)


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CA Directory


On Linux/UNIX, when you run the following command to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request):

dxcertgen -D {dsaname} Z SHA256 -k 2048 certreq

It may fail to execute with following:


Generating DXserver personalities from server files... 


Generating a new personality certificate signing req for {dsaname}... 

! Generating a 2048-bit RSA public/private key pair... 



Generating an x509 v3 certificate signing request... 

Error: BIO_write_filename() failed 

Error: opensslGenerateCertificateSigningRequest({dsaname}) failed 


dxcertgen certreq failed. 


Release: ETRDIR99000-12.5-Directory


Most probably you had run the same command previously as another user (e.g. as 'root' while this time around running as 'dsa' user). Doing so, the previous left behind .csr file owned by 'root' user cannot be overwritten by 'dsa' user hence the problem.

Delete the existing .csr file and re-run of command should be successful to generate a new .csr file.