ProxySG CPU monitor showing high CPU in Miscellaneous


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Why is the CPU Monitor on the ProxySG reporting high CPU utilization in the Miscellaneous category?



The most common reasons for seeing high CPU in Misc. are:

1.  Automatic updates for content filter downloads during peak traffic times.

All versions of 6.x include a safety mechanism that prevents the content-filtering download to take more than 25% of the CPU in an effort to prevent outages or slow-downs during a download.  However, downloading the filters during peak traffic times may still result in high utilization. For high CPU in Misc. and the default settings for RTU, try disabling automatic updates and set a schedule between the hours of 12am and 1am.  After this change monitor the ProxySG to see if the high CPU continues to occur.

2.  Issues with access log uploads.

If the ProxySG is configured to upload access logs to a server and there is an issue with the upload, the result could be high CPU in Misc.  

Check the event logs on the ProxySG to see if there is an issue with the access log uploads.  Also use the test upload button in the access log configurations to see whether the upload works or not.  If a problem is found, verify the configurations on the ProxySG for the access log upload.