Proxying unsupported IM clients, with a child and parent proxy deployment


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Mobility Threat Protection ProxySG Software - SGOS


In a proxy-chaining deployment, Yahoo IM10 users are unable to login, even though an unsupported IM user-agent policy is correctly installed on the child proxy.


An unsupported IM user-agent policy will ensure new IM clients are able to establish a connection through a single ProxySG (or single layer of ProxySGs), for example:

im.user_agent.supported=no im.tunnel(yes)

If however traffic from this first ProxySG (or layer of ProxySGs) is forwarded to a second ProxySG (or layer of ProxySGs) upstream, before going out to the internet, the ProxySG(s) in this second layer will need to be configured with http-handoff disabled for IM traffic.

This can be done either in the GUI as follows:



or in the CLI, like so:
#config t
#(config)im http-handoff disable