ProxyAV giving “HTTPS client error: certificate verify failed” when tried for upgrade


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ProxyAV Software - AVOS


Unable to upgrade due to “HTTPS client error: certificate verify failed” error



Two customer cases show this issue is caused by the reasons given below:

  1. ProxyAV is not getting NTP updates and device is running behind the current time by years
  2. An upstream device is doing SSL interception and ProxyAV is not trusting the certificate issued by this device

Respective solutions are given below:

  1. Provide a correct/working NTP server in the ProxyAV under Advanced > Date/Time Settings > Network Time Protocol.  If a working NTP server is not available, navigate to the above link and remove the check mark from “Enable” and “Save Settings”. After the page refreshes, go to Advanced > Date/Time Settings and enter the current date/time manually.
  2. Bypass SSL interception on the upstream device for ProxyAV’s IP address. If that is not possible, add the CA certificate of the device in ProxyAV under Advanced > CA Certificates > Import.