ProxyAV ICAP health check fails: PCAP shows an ICAP/1.0 500 Server error message


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The "ICAP/1.0 500 Server error" message is generated by the ProxyAV when the license expires. This message is reported to the ProxySG when it perfoms a health check on the ProxyAV.

The following PCAP taken on the ProxySG shows the "ICAP/1.0 500 Server error" response from the ProxyAV to the ProxySG when it perfoms a health check.


ICAP 500 - Server error message

Following an example from a ProxyAV running an expired Kaspersky license:

X-Error-Details: Antivirus license expired; File: No file name available; Sub File: No file name available; Vendor: Kaspersky Labs; Engine error code: 0x00000000; Engine version:; Pattern version: 111023.220900.11042785; Pattern date: 2011.10.23 22:09:00

X-Error-Code: antivirus_license_expired