ProxyAV logs showing client & server fields as ‘unknown’
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ProxyAV logs showing client & server fields as ‘unknown’


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AV log showing error as below:

2012-11-14 08:38:50-08:00PST

Hardware serial number: 123456789

ProxyAV (Version -

Machine name: TESTAV

Machine IP address:

Server: unknown  

Client: unknown  


Protocol: ICAP


As shown below, the Proxy SG settings are found under Configuration > External Services > ICAP > ICAP Services. Select the icap service in use, edit it and check the section for 'ICAP v1.0 Options'. The Client and Server address fields are not checked, and need to be checked for the fields above to be populated.



Need to check the boxes for ‘Client address’ and ‘Server address’, for the fields to populate with data