Problems enabling Traffic Discovery within Class
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Problems enabling Traffic Discovery within Class


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I am trying to enable traffic discovery for a class but every time I check the box to enable Traffic Discovery within Class, and apply changes, child classes don't get discovered.



Check the following:

  • Make sure you have enough traffic classes and matching rules to create a new class on the PacketShaper. You can check this by typing system limits from the PacketShaper CLI. Check Traffic Classes and Matching Rules remaining. If you do not have enough of either, you will need to delete some classes.
  • Make sure your web browser is set to "check for new versions of stored pages at every visit" to prevent the brower to cache.
  • Check to see if the traffic is asymmetric. If the PacketShaper does not see the beginning of the flow, it will not discover a new class. A common scenerio is connections that were established and active before an upgrade or reboot (the information of beginning of the connection would not have been saved) which is flagged as asymmetric. Also, if the connection is routed in one direction only through the PacketShaper the connection would be considered asymmetric.