Problem accessing VMware View (formerly VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI)


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VMware View / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI utilizes a thin app to create a tunnel for the proprietary traffic to go through. When the proxy intercepts that tunnel and tries to interpret it as HTTPS, the application will break because it is not HTTP over SSL.



The workaround is to have "Detect Protocol" enabled but not to intercept it as SSL.

Apply the following CPL Policy into your local policy

Login to the Management Console > Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > Policy Files Tab;

- Select the drop-down for “Install Local File from:” and select Text Editor then click install

Note : You need to replace the URL & IP address in the CPL below to match the domain you are trying to access and it's IP address

- Copy the CPL below in notepad, replace the "" and "" with your own, paste that new CPL code at the end of your local policy file, then click "install"

;define the condition       
define condition VMVDI
url.domain=""    url.port=443
url.domain=""    url.port=443

;apply the action
<proxy> condition=VMVDI
http.method=CONNECT detect_protocol(yes)
client.protocol=ssl detect_protocol(yes)

<SSL-Intercept> condition=VMVDI