Problems with LEMs in PacketShaper 10000 models


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When a LAN Expansion Module (LEM) is installed into the upper slot of a PacketShaper 10000 (hardware revision "G" or higher), the connector pins may come in contact with the front lip of the chassis, causing intermittent issues on the LEM.


  • Products Affected: PacketShaper 10000 (revision G and higher) configured with a gigabit LEM installed in the upper LEM slot. Prior versions of the PacketShaper 10000 are not affected.
  • Symptoms: LEM, Fiber Bypass switch, and Direct Standby feature malfunctions can occur when the untrimmed leads from the LEM come in contact with the PacketShaper 10000 chassis (shown below).
  • Resolution: Remove the LEM and inspect the connector leads at the edge of the circuit board. If you determine that they have been bent by contact with the front lip of the PacketShaper 10000 chassis, or if they extend out from the circuit board, trim the connector leads flush with the circuit board and then reinstall the LEM.

To check revision, type 'ver ver' from the command:

PacketShaper# ver ver

Version: PacketShaper v8.3.1g1
Product: PacketShaper 9500
Part Number: 109-0001-01 REV A