Pop-up blocking is not working


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Pop-up blocking is not working; web pages are opening up new windows.


There are several reasons why pop-up blocking may not be working:

  • The url begins with https://. The ProxySG does not block pop-up ads delivered via https.
  • The web page is in the browser's cache without the po-pup blocking code. To resolve this issue, clear the browser cache then reload the page without holding down the CTRL key.
  • The pop-up ad blocking Javascript code does not get added to the web page because the HTTP response is compressed. Obtain a packet trace of the problem to see if the HTTP response is compressed or not.
  • Animated ads contained within web pages are not blocked. Commonly seen in scrolling or drop-down form, these are not true pop-up windows, but are contained within the page.
  • There is a bug in the pop-up ad blocking code.

First rule of troubleshooting is to do a "view source" command, and look to see if the first 100 lines of HTML is the Symantec Systems pop-up ad blocker. If the pop-up ad blocking code is missing, but you think it should be there, then that is a very different kind of problem than if the code is there, but isn't working correctly.

For additional information about pop-up blocking policy, please refer to "Blocking Pop Up Windows" in the Visual Policy Manager Reference, which can be found on https://wwww.symantec.com.  Please note that you will need MySymantec credentials in order to access this document.