Policy allows certain YouTube video categories but the YouTube videos won't play.


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


Since SGOS, the ProxySG appliance recognizes the categories that YouTube™ uses to classify its own content. However, when policy allows only certain YouTube categories while denying some other categories, the allowed video content may not play.


The ProxySG appliance recognizes the categories that YouTube uses to classify its own content and obtains these categories from the YouTube Data API v2.0. After you enable the feature on the appliance, you can reference the categories in policy to control YouTube traffic.

By referencing the YouTube categories in your VPM or local policy file, you can allow or deny user access based on YouTube categories. However, if you allow certain YouTube categories while the other categories are denied, the YouTube video in the allowed categroy may not play because some other referenced and required URLs are not categorized as the same YouTube category that you allowed.

In order to avoid the issue, you will need to add the following CPL code in your local policy file or in a CPL layer in VPM. (The following example was written for the Education or Howto YouTube channel. When you write your code, please change the category accordingly.)

ALLOW url.category=("Education","Howto")                         ; this rule along with the next rule allow users to access content based on YouTube video categories
ALLOW request.header.Referer.url.category=("Education","Howto")
ALLOW url.host="
www.youtube.com" url.path.exact="/"              ; this rule allows users to access YouTube home page / main page.
ALLOW url.domain=//ytimg.com/                                    ; this rule allows the YouTube home page displays images.
ALLOW url.domain=googlevideo.com                                 ; this rule allows the users to play videos
ALLOW url.domain=www.youtube.com/channels                        ; this rule allows users to browse channels