PacketShaper not booting.
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PacketShaper not booting.


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How to recover a non-bootable PacketShaper.


To recover a non-bootable PacketShaper, connect the PacketShaper using the direct console cable, and try the following procedures:

Revert to the Backup Image
1. Press Ctrl-B during the boot process to restore the backup image.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen to restore the backup image.
3. If you able to restore the backup image, you may upgrade to the latest image.
Boot into Safe Mode and Remove Any *.bad Files
1. Press Ctrl-A during the boot process to enter safe mode manually.
2. Go to the following 9.256/ directories and delete any files with extension .bad:
NOTE:  Delete only files with extension of .bad.  Do not delete any other files from the directories listed above.  
PacketShaper#  cd 9.256/
PacketShaper#  ls
BIN             CMD             CON             PENDING         TEST.CFG
CFG             COMPLETE        LOG             PLG
PacketShaper#  cd bin
PacketShaper#  ls
** Delete the *.bad image files if any
** Repeat this for CMD and CFG folders.
3. Reboot the PacketShaper.
Troubleshoot the Flash Drive
1) Press Ctrl-Y during the boot process.
2) Select option 'G' to recover the flash. (Erase and reload PacketShaper Compact Flash)
If you are still not able to recover the PacketShaper after trying all the above procedures, you may contact Blue Coat technical support to RMA the unit.