PacketShaper Syslog configuration and How To Configure a Linux Syslog Server.
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PacketShaper Syslog configuration and How To Configure a Linux Syslog Server.


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How to configure a PacketShaper to send Syslog messages and how to configure a Linux Syslog server.


PacketShaper configuration example:

set syslog add host: output:local4,debug datetime
set syslog rate 100
set syslog on

To enable event display warn log message to be sent to the Syslog server enable
the following sys set variable. This may be required in a troubleshooting scenario
when recording warn log messages is needed.
sys set syslogWarnsEnabled  1
Verify the configuration with the “set syslog show” command.

PacketShaper# set syslog show
            Status: On
           Max Rate: 200
         Total Sent: 6   
         Total Lost: 0
 Server Addr                Facility                    Level
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------               local4, 20                  debug, 7
In this example the default facility level of “local4” is used. The severity level of “debug” means that messages of all
severity levels will be sent to the Syslog server.  A severity setting of “debug”, or a value of 7 as it translates to, is a useful
setting if one is interested in recording the most verbose level of event messages from the PacketShaper.
A more typical severity setting would be “warn” or a value of 4,  results in only event messages of warning
level or higher being sent to the Syslog server.
Configuring a Syslog server on a Linux system to log Syslog messages from a PacketShaper typically requires only a
few changes to defaults settings.
This example is from a Fedora Core 9 system.
1.      Stop the syslog service
service syslog stop
2.      Open /etc/sysconfig/syslog with your favorite text editor and find the line:
Replace it with:
The -r instructs syslog to listen for remote hosts rather than just the local host.
3.      Open /etc/syslog.conf with your favorite text editor and add a line to instruct syslog to write messages with a facility setting
        of “local4” to a log file “PacketShaper.log”
local4.* /var/log/PacketShaper.log
4.      Restart the sys log service.
Service syslog start