On the ProxySG, how can I confirm the last Access Log uploading time, and the upload result?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


 I'm making a script to check the last Access Log uploading date/time and the upload result. The Event Log is not a right place to look, because it can be rotated.


The "show access-log statistics <log filename>" CLI command will show the last upload attempt details (date, time and result).

ProxySG> show access-log statistics main

Access Log (main) Statistics:
Log Manager Version 3
Log entry lifetime counter:     5331
System Status:
  Log manager:                  enabled and running
  Upload client:                not connected
  Log writer:                   idle
  Log reader:                   idle
Log Information:
  Current log size:             378312 bytes
  Early upload threshold:       16000 MB
  Maximum log size:             20000 MB
  Max size policy:              stop logging
  Bytes in write buffer :       0
  Tail sockets in use :         0
  Modified time:                2014-06-23 19:31:29-00:00UTC
Next Upload:
  Client type:                  ftp
  Next attempt:                 42797 seconds
  Connect type:                 daily upload
  Connect reason:               regular upload
  Retrying, failure count:      11337
  Estimated upload size:
    compressed:                 378312 bytes
    uncompressed:               2595341 bytes
  Upload format:                gzip
Last Upload Attempt:
  Time:                         2014-06-24 13:44:40-00:00UTC
  Maximum bandwidth:            0.00 KB/sec
  Result:                       failure
Current/Last Upload File:
  Remote filename:              SG_main__1780610020000.log.gz
  Remote size:                  0 bytes
By running the "show access-log" CLI command without options, you can confirm if Access logging is enabled.
# show access-log
  Access logging is enabled
  Allow access log to grow to 20000 megabytes
  If maximum log size is reached, stop access logging.
  Start an early upload when log reaches 16000 megabytes