One ProxySG has a WCCP state showing 'Negotiating Membership', but the other ProxySG is in the "Ready" state


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


One ProxySG appliance in the WCCP service group has a state of "Negotiating Membership," but the other ProxySG appliance in the service group has a state of "Ready."

  • Removed one of the home router IP addresses
  • State changed from "Ready" to "Negotiating Membership"
  • Changed the configuration back to use the  home router IP addresses as before, but the state does not change back to "Ready"
  • Took packet capture on the ProxySG and the router, which showed that the router received the 'Here I am' but the router did not respond 'I See You'
  • Another ProxySG is working fine with WCCP state showing 'Ready'



If there are two or more ProxySG appliances joining the same WCCP service group, the order of ports (MC > Configuration > Network > WCCP > New > Ports to redirect > Other: ) has to be the same on all ProxySG appliances.

If a single ProxySG appliance is joining the WCCP service group, the order of ports can be in any order. This only seems to be happening for the custom ports ("Other" as shown in the MC) as the order of ports for the custom ports may vary.

WCCP requires the "port" order to be exactly same on all devices in the same service group.