ProxySG lost all VPM configuration information after installed policy


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


VPM configuration appears to be missing after installing a new VPM policy.



Possible causes:

  • After saving a new VPM configuration, the VPM appears to be blank, with no policy or layers configured.
  • After upgrading the appliance, and check for VPM configuration, it is shown as blank.
  • After creating and installing policy the VPM, the policy configuration is lost if you click Install again before installation completes.


This issue was opened as a bug B#187168, and had been resolved in :

  • SGOS
  • SGOS
  • SGOS
  • SGOS

Note that upgrading to the SGOS versions above will not restore the old VPM policy. The missing policy will still be gone. 
Blue Coat recommends that the VPM policy is restored from a recent backup. 


Alternative work around is copy/paste XML-VPM code from the child ProxySG to the ProxySG that is having the issue.