Management access stops functioning
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Management access stops functioning


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Sometimes after a modest uptime, the PacketShaper's management interface may become inaccessible.


To begin, power cycle the PacketShaper to regain management access.

Here are two recommendations to address this in the long term:

1. Secure the interfaces to allow access from certain lists of IP addresses only. See Specify Security Settings or setup secure CLI command.

2. Alternatively, use the dedicated management port. See Enable Management Port.

Whichever method you choose, you should then make sure that no security scans are initiated from those IP's or the subnets they are in.

Note: Ensure you're running a version of PacketWise greater than 8.4.6 or 8.5.5, as these versions were the first to implement an increased number of supported management sessions.

If problems persist, please contact Support.