Java Script is bypassing explicit proxy settings
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Java Script is bypassing explicit proxy settings


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


JavaScript is trying to send data directly over the configured gateway.

JavaScript is not supporting browser proxy settings.


This issue happens when the JavaScript writer is not putting in code to support the proxy settings configured in a browser. This can also be intentional to avoid a “proxied” environment.

If the connection is HTTP (clear text), follow these steps to divert this connection towards proxy and get it work.

  1. Find the domain to which the Java Client/Script is trying to connect
  2. Add a host entry in the “hosts” file on the client desktop. The default location is “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”
    <IP Address of Proxy>    <domain name> 

This step will make sure that the IP address of the ProxySG is returned when JavaScript is doing a DNS lookup for the “”
domain name

  1. Assuming the port to be 80, enable a listener in the ProxySG appliance with “Explicit 80,” and intercept it.



  1. Since the JavaScript is not expecting a proxy in between, the chances are high that it will not support authentication. The rule below could help:

url.domain=”domain name” authenticate(no) allow