Allow only company Twitter page
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Allow only company Twitter page


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Allow only the company Twitter page for HTTPS and HTTP while blocking the remainder of Twitter.


To allow only a company Twitter page, SSL Interception and decryption is required. For a review on how to correctly implement SSL, refer to the following knowledge base articles:

· for explicit deployment:

Configuring SSL Interception For Explicit proxy

· for transparent deployment:

Configure Transparent SSL forward proxy with authentication 

The following scenario has a total of three Layers:

  • SSL Intercept Layer
  • Two Web Access Layers

As the image below shows, the SSL Intercept Layer intercepts Social Networking as a category:

The next Layer called Twitter_denied blocks all traffic to Social Networking categories:

Finally, the last Layer called Twitter_Allow permits access only to a corporate Twitter page:

To Allow a company's Twitter page as shown, complete the following steps :

1. Create a Combined Destination Object with the following URLs (in this scenario, the Object was called Combined_Twitter) as shown below:


Note: Make sure to replace "myTwitterpage" with the corporate Twitter page of intended for the last two URLs.

The URLs added in the preceding step were created as Request URL Objects (as shown below):

After completing these steps, Install the policy.