Limit or shape outbound traffic between two networks that appear to be on the outside
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Limit or shape outbound traffic between two networks that appear to be on the outside


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We would like to control traffic between outside hosts, such as traffic between two remote sites.

However, the recommended way is to have PacketShaper inline for each site to optimize WAN traffic .


Resolution 1:

PacketShaper ---- Outside 1 (x.y.z.x)
             ---- Outside 2 (a.b.c.x) 
<- Traffic between 1 & 2 will be classified as Sameside traffic by default.
Both the traffic from outside network 1 and network 2 must go through the specific PacketShaper in order to be classified, and it is required to manually configure one of the networks to be INSIDE to PacketShaper.

When host side mode is enabled, you can force the placement of certain hosts on the appropriate side (inside or outside). This is done by using the hostdb side set command to assign hosts or host lists to the inside or outside. The side lists are not actually used until manual side mode is enabled.

hostdb side set inside [x.y.z.x/<cidr>]
hostdb side manual


The configuration for host side can be restored to its default (discover automatically) by applying the command hostdb side auto.

For any host that isn’t assigned to a specific side when manual side mode is enabled, PacketWise will use its normal mechanism for determining and setting a side. In other words, the sides of all other hosts are detected automatically. A.b.c.x will be detected automatically and should be discovered as outside hosts.

After the changes above, create a class with Inside Host: x.y.z.x and Outside host: a.b.c.x for traffic shaping and bandwidth control.

Limitation: Since x.y.z.x was configured as INSIDE host, traffic between other INSIDE hosts will be classify as sameside traffic.

Resolution 2:

PacketShaper ----(UpperLEM) Outside 1 (x.y.z.x)
             ----(LowerLEM) Outside 2 (a.b.c.x) 

Create a device based by UpperLEM and create children class with Outside host: a.b.c.x subnet. However, you need to disable sameside class; the system variable for this is autoCreateSameSide.