Limit on the number of categories a domain or host can be categorized
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Limit on the number of categories a domain or host can be categorized


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Multiple custom categories are created via Visual Policy Manager
A single host or domain is included within more than one of these categories
If any given URL is categorized in more than 16 of these custom categories, the proxy administrator or user might find such URL to not be categorized by more than 16 categories.


A URL can have a maximum of 16 categories in policy evaluation.  The order categories are applied to a URL will be considered arbitrary.  After 16 custom categories, truncation applies.  The reason why is a category describes the nature of the content of a resource, and not reflect a specific outcome such as allow vs. deny.

If the proxy administrator wants more than 16 categories for a single URL, then the proxy administrator needs to contact a Blue Coat SE to make an official feature request.

To work around the problem, please do the following:

1.  Consolidate URLs that are included in multiple categories to be in one or two central Allow or Deny categories instead of having any single URL included in more than 16 different categories.  This also applies to BCWF and any other content filter database.

2.  Create Combined Destination Objects that contain multiple Request URL objects to substitute custom categories.  Combined Destination Objects are not bound by the category limit.